What steps do you take when deciding if you should re-roof, recover or replace an existing roof?

Hello, my name is James, Senior Project Manager for Citywide Roofing and Exteriors here in Denver, Colorado.

We start by taking photos and we even do a FLR FLIR as you know is forward-looking infra-red system so this will tell us exactly what is going on with the roof not only do we get hands on but we also get the imaging process that will go ahead a describe what’s going on.

So in regard to should I re-roof, should I recover or do I just put a whole new roof on, well all of those are determinations in regard to whatever evaluation specifications that are with the roof at that time.

If there’s been pounding water on there or if there’s damage to the roof, if there’s been hail damage, or if there have been any HVAC guys up there who may have accidentally damaged the membrane, then we would take that into consideration, put that into our evaluation, make an analysis and then make a determination, do we remove, do we recover or do we just go ahead and put a whole new roof on. At that point in time, we have different products and materials that we can actually offer the customer.

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