How to choose the right roofing company?

Hello, my name is James Templeton, Senior Project Manager for Citywide Roofing and Exteriors here in Denver, Colorado.

One of things that I highly recommend for all consumers and clients doing business with any company, whether it’s roofing or your local mom and pop shops but more importantly a roofing company, a commercial roofing company, you want to go ahead and take a look at and actually call the National Roofing Contractors Association, the Colorado Roofing Association and also equally important, the Better Business Bureau.  So this way you know exactly who you are doing business with and what their rating is.  We are all of those.

We provide both commercial and residential roofing services in Colorado and all the surrounding areas.  We are committed to not only be the number one roofing company in Colorado, but also the most reliable.  Call now for your free inspection.

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